I realized

I talk to myself.
Didn't I was about 10 mins into work in the phone room and I was getting everything situated, I then paused for a second and I looked at Andria and realized I had just had an ENTIRE conversation with myself. Not a back and forth actual conversation, just one of those 'saying everything that was going through my head' conversations.
So, world, I'm sorry I have no filter and I do not think before I speak. It's a good thing I don't have horrific thoughts, or I probably wouldn't have any friends.
My thoughts are always on my face and generally spoken aloud.
Sometimes it's a problem.


  1. HAH! nice. You and ash should be best friends then & having talking to yourself conversations, together. if that's possible.

  2. Hey Rach...I don't mean to scare you to death...but I have the same exact problem...sometimes it really is a problem...:( Sorry to pass that one along in the gene pool...

  3. that's alright, it fits in perfectly with the drooling gene too :)

  4. How 'bout "let's go to the movie" gene. I think we all got that one.


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