First and foremost: This is post #160...yeah who would've ever thought I'd keep blogging to that many? K I just wanted to give everyone an update on my weekend. I am slowly, but surely breaking my way back into a social scene...took long enough! I've been here for almost 3 weeks! (WHOA!) Friday night I went to Kristin's work party and ate all sorts of delicious (free) food! YUM, the price made it even yummier! Thanks hhp! Who would've thought Dayne came and with the broken collarbone and all. Due to his handicaps I did cut his steak for him.
(again PLEASE ignore my scary windblown hair)
This morning I got up and went and played soccer...and said a big HELLO to being out of shape... Then Dani and I ran looots of errands, thanks UTA for the great transportation! We did some returns to the mall a very EXPENSIVE trip to Walmart and then pit stopped @ my apt. and then walked over to smiths for some other important food items! I've got spinach, tilapia, green beans and chicken in the freezer right now, who woulda thought! YUM!
And I ran into my dear friend Claire. Who shaved her head 2 weeks ago.

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