Good Weekend

So, this weekend was a wild one. There were a few rockband sessions at Stevo's. Mark also tried to show the guys a few tricks. I laughed a lot.
I ate a siamese banana, this picture does not show it, but it was literally 2 bananas in one, it had 2 centers, a line in the middle where they should have separated & it was really oval shaped. YUM!
(Yes, I'm aware I look like a crazy person)
Sydney & I took a mall trip & got some 'essentials' in the clothing dept before school started.
I got my FIRST pair of American Eagle jeans...EVER! HOORAH....I don't think I'll ever get another kind. Thank you American Eagle for the wonderful jeans you make & thanks mom and dad for all the aerie items at B-day time that had to be returned & funded my jean spree.
We were so excited about our good finds we had to take a few mirror pictures.
This was all fabulous...but Sunday takes the cake. First of all, I have to say, I think I have the best ward at BYU. I love it. I have to say I had an amazing freshman ward, I had what I like to refer to as the 'sophomore slums', & now I'm back on top! I love it. I've made so many new friends already. SO, ya dee ya, I go to church come home nap at Steve's while we watched The Prince of Egypt. Then I returned to my apt when he went to his ward & cleaned my room for a little while. My roomate & her friends were freaking out in the kitchen so I looked out to ask what was wrong. I went out there & our kitchen was flooded with an inch of water all over the entire Kitchen... my jaw dropped so I ran to the closet, grabbed our broom & started brooming all the water into the drain in the utility closet. Long story short our water heater got too hot & blew out water to cool itself....& flooded our kitchen...all the roomates had plans, so they left so I kinda just hung out at our mildewy apt as I waited for the landlord's brother in law to come over. Come to find out our flood flooded the apartment below & water was coming out of their vents & light fixtures...perfect. They were freaking out & I was feeling alarmingly responsible. The landlord's brother-in-law came over, but didn't know what was wrong so we waited for the plumber to come. The little makeshift plumber boy came over just to tell us we'd need one to come Monday morning... but don't worry, he turned off our water heater for us. So, thanks to Steve, I was able to be clean for work on Monday...but a plumber never came yesterday morning.
& our hot water is still off.
Lessons Learned: Showers do not work unless you have a hot water output. Dishwashers smoke & burn if you run them without a water flow. Not having hot water sucks.


  1. Fun Blog entry...I love hearing details!!! Love it! Do you have hot water now? I hope so! Love you and LOVE your jeans..

  2. :( aw Rach!!! If you want a hot shower, just come on over!

  3. You and Syd look so pretty in these pictures! I really like your jeans, too, from what I could see. Sorry to hear about the hot water problems, Rachel. Hopefully, it will get fixed and soon! Your story was fun to read as always!


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