Living on the Lord's Side of the Line

I love this quote from Sheri Dew's talk:

"No doubt most of us here believe the Lord can do these things. But do we believe that He will? That He will heal our broken hearts and help us bear our burdens? The Lord has said that if we only "desire to believe," we should let this desire work in us and experiment upon His Words."

"Choose carefully who you listen to, and then listen. Choose carefully who you follow, and then follow...if we don't listen to the prophet, we might as well not have one"

xoxo from UT


  1. I saw the "xoxo" and thought for sure that I was really reading Sydney's blog...

  2. I appreciated that reminder, Rachel. That was an excellent post! There is no value in pushing the envelope on anything. The straight and narrow path to happiness is straight and narrow. Three cheers for listening to the Prophet!

  3. I'm offended Jessica. I'm pretty sure I was the original...


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