My Theme Song This Month

Sorry to sound pathetic, but this song is truer to my life right now than yall know.

p.s. i'm not a huge taylor swift LIVE fan, BUT her recorded songs are so great...& genius lyrics for selling her cd to every teenage girl alive. & me.

and i have the biggest crush on the boy in this movie. first time I ever saw him-guest star on House, second time- Hannah Montana Movie, third time-this here video.

Hopefully the 4th is in person. or a kissing booth.



  1. pathetic.

    Taylor Swift is a definate fave at the cheetah mansion so it's no biggie.

  2. Enjoyed the song and the message from it, too, Rachel. Realize that simply GREAT things are ahead for you, Rachel! You are doing all the right things!

  3. Very fun Rachy...hope you find this guy at the next Williamson Cty fair...lay one on him!

  4. I LOVE THIS SONG! And don't be a hate of the TS... she may be the teeny bopper queen of AMerica by I LOVE her songs. :) This one in particular! Thanks fer sharing. And yes, that man is HMS. (You'll need to ask me in a non-blog forum what that one means... teehee).

  5. HAHAHA! I hope you see him in a kissing booth too Rach!


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