Fabulous Weekend

This was a pretty fabulous weekend. Friday night we kicked and owned the block. Then after party @ the loft till 2am. 5 hrs of dancing. I just about buckled over the last 15 minutes.
Saturday Jenna's 21 yr old birthday bash. It was so fun and she has a lot of friends!
Sunday Meg Duffy's farewell in Sandy. It was so great. Sister Megan Duffy Colorado Denver North Mission. Reports to MTC Oct. 21. I want one. But only if it comes with a little sombrero. And then my other baby to leave me on Oct. 28. heading to Milan, Italy. Sister Anna Thurston xoxo


  1. Rach...so fun to see your weekend! Youre a cutie...glad you could fit ALL of that in! :)

  2. Rachel, you looked so pretty in all of these pictures. It looks like you had quite a spiritual feast over the weekend and managed a lot of fun, too. Glad you had such a great weekend!

  3. I love this! YES I am on your blog. But what up with my blob of a kneecap?! Good thing I'll be wearing longer skirts for a while.

    I heart you.
    Excited for the sleepover this week.


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