So, I'm a pretty smiley person. I'm a fan of it. This summer I worked at a job where in the training crazy Wendy said that you must always answer the phone smiling, because you can hear a smile over the phone. I thought it was funny that we had to be told to smile. I haven't had a problem with smiling at work in the past. But then I started working there & understood why we needed to be told to smile. I was about to pull out my hair in the phone room because the phones have been ringing off the hook and talking on the phone to a million people for 4 hrs straight takes a toll on you. However, even with the stress of the phone calls, I realized this morning that I was smiling while I was talking to the people. Not because I had to, or because I was trained to do so, but because I love where I work, I love who I work with, I love my job, & I love to help these people ( & the paycheck :D).


  1. You are cute! Um, next time I call to make an appointment maybe I will ask for you just to make sure I can hear that smile in your voice!

  2. Cool blog post, Rach...kinda thought provoking...sat across from Cynthia (Hunter's wife) today at lunch...I actually forgot about how bad things were for you there...probably a blessing :)


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