I don't know how many of you have listened to the Nashville Tribute Band's CD's, but they're amazing.
Jason Deere was my seminary teacher my first couple years of high school and I learned more there than ever. He was loud and in everyone's faces, it was seriously the highlight of my school week. And I lived a pretty exciting highschool life.
Before they got huge they'd do firesides at home, then they just began doing investigator firesides, and now they're traveling everywhere and even toured in Australia. I got to see him on Pioneer Day that was my first day back in Utah since Summer. July 24.
This past weekend he went to California to Mitch's Mission and he blogged about it here.
p.s. Mitch is the Elder with the orange tie.
He gave us a shoutout in his "Lucky Man" post.
I was so blessed to be in that class and be taught by Jason, he's been a great influence on my life.
If you haven't heard his songs, it'd be in your best interest to atleast get the Joseph CD.


  1. This is the coolest picture of you and Kristin with Jason and the boys! I really enjoyed seeing this, Rachel. I remember when this happened and loved to hear the story of it, too. I read Jason's blog about his seminary kids and I know how he feels since I have my own set of seminary kids, too.


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