Friends Are the Chocolate Chips to My Cookie of Life.

So, I got a few comments of how I used bane of my existence on my blog and Sydney did too. Yes, I did copy her, did I realize it? No. hahah So I apologize to those of you confused. I read hers that morning and when I was writing that post yesterday afternoon and that phrase came to mind, I thought,"how did that word get in my vocabulary?" I even looked it up in the dictionary to make sure it meant what I was using it for. It does, and I did. However, my subconscious totally copied Syd. But that's okay, I started the xoxo thing, we copycat eachother all the time.
Last night we came to the realization that when we start spending more time with our boys and less with eachother, we won't be finishing eachothers sentences as easily. This was sad to me. Its kind of fun when we say the exact same phrases, at the exact same time, with the exact same intonation. I just want to take this time to give a shout-out to my friend who wanted to treat me to her favorite rainy-day treat yesterday when I was seriously throwing a pity party bc of the weather(how lame of me). She's a great friend and my soul-sister.
I would have NEVER imagined our first semester that I'd be 2 years down the road and made such an amazing eternal friend. Seriously, not all people get this blessed in college.
By pointing this out about Syd, I don't mean to sell my other friends short. I've been so extremely blessed with amazing friends and have loved meeting and getting to know them all these past years at BYU. I may not have the most friends in the world, but I can tell you, I value quality a lot more than quantity. A true friend is someone irreplaceable.
I'm so happy that I've been able to room with my best friend and that we can share clothes, and HONEST opinions. And hair doo-dads. And tears. And shoes. And decorations. And food. And love. And that we are able to understand eachother. We live well together. We joke about how we'd freak out if one of us were to get married first, especially in the apartment we're in, because we're sharing a room made for 1, w/ one bed/dresser/closet/etc. But, it hasn't been anywhere near a problem...but I would in no way be able to live like this with anyone else, because literally all of our stuff is organized together, our clothes are color coordinated together, our shoes are hung together, we share one laundry basket, and it works nicely.
Kieli, Syd, me & Em. Friends since freshman year.
Josh, Mitch, Jenna, Me, & Rena, HS friends that will last forever.
I love these 4.
Diana and I...I love her. Again, freshman year.
Me & Syd. According to Trennon we're attached at the hip. I'd agree.
David. He's simply the best. Team David, Forever & Always.
Me & Anna. I love her. Again, a freshman friend.
Claire. The only one like her that you'll ever meet. Her hair did not used to be buzzed. It's a new thing.
Jason. The world's most empathetic person you'll ever meet. Cory, aside from my dad, he's my favorite spud!


  1. oh rach.
    that was such a nice sincere blog post.
    i love you so much.
    i don't even care if you get mad at me for breaking your own light bulb.


  2. Chicken soup for the soul....so warm and tender! Thanks, Rach!

  3. I'm glad you have Sydney, too. She is such a great person and you are too. You were meant to be best buds. I know about eternal friends and I have had some for many years. The best thing ever...aside from that one true love. I'm still waiting for that one though.

  4. Oh,and your other friends aren't too shabby either. But YOU are the prettiest one!! LOL Just could not resist adding that in! An inside family joke now!

  5. holy i feel honored to make it on this post.
    i like you :D.


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