This is It.

So we went through a few costume ideas
Sandy & Danny.
Weston didn't know who the were, but he knows the Fonz. Same idea, right?
He wanted to do Mario & Princess Peach.
Until he saw this and how lame Mario looks tall...Then we realized that's what he would look like too. No go.
Sooo....his braveheart dream came true..
So, we are braveheart and girl. I'm so not a renaissance kind of girl...buuut like my roomate Jessica said, "I'd dress up in renaissance if I was dating a boy that attractive." Hahaha, yeah, me too, I guess. Thanks momma for making costumes!!! xoxo


  1. I loved the movie, Rachel! I've wanted to see it like forever and finally got it on Clean Flicks. I wasn't disappointed. It got Best Picture, Best Director, etc--lots of awards. I can understand why Weston wants to be William Wallace for Halloween. He was a fascinating hero to watch played by Mel Gibson!


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