We decided last Monday that we were going to throw a danceparty at our apartment. We got the sound system figured out. Syd bought a red spinning siren light and a giant orange cooler, that we filled with water and got little plastic cups for our attendees. :) Then a few hours before the actual party Kristin and I went around the entire Liberty Square complex and knocked on EVERY apt door and told people about the party starting @ 10:30 @ Virginia 2. We got different reactions from people. A lot of guys were not @ their apartment, because they had Mission reunions that night, but they got back around 9ish. So we start the music around 10:00, we cleared out all of our furniture except for the 2 couches we backed them up against the walls, and everything else was in the back half and in our rooms. It was so great, the majority of the time we had between 150-200 people there! it was definately successful! Everyone was raving about it! So basically we gave ourselves a good party rep and hopefully the next one will be just as successful! Syd, Me, Jes and Kristin Pre-danceparty dance! Jes, Chloe, Kristin, Me It got pretty wild, we resorted to couch dancing! Me and Syd half of our apt! Whit and Me Myller, Whit and Tara Whyller-today's hottest couple

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