Another Fabulous Week Flown By...

So I'm going to Idaho this weekend to visit Kristin, I'm so excited. Though, I'm a little hesitant of the cold weather... I just wanted to put in a fun blog from this week to keep everyone satisfied for the weekend, since I'm sure I have SO many avid readers... welp, here it goes! We had cleaning checks on Wednesday, so Tuesday night was a giant scrubbing bubbles party. Syd had the fridge and other various things, Jess had the stove and microwave, I had the rest of the kitchen, Whit had the front room/hallway, Tara and Carla had bathrooms. Our apt was SO squeaky clean! Myller (Whit's boyfriend....well not as of yesterday, but we still love him) is always at our apartment, we nicknamed him Lyller when we decided he's our apartment pet. Well, he came over to our clean apartment and made peach cobbler! Lyller treats us so well! With everything so immaculate we could've eaten that magnificent peach cobbler off of any surface in the apartment! Syd loved the peach cobbler, later that night we caught her snuggling with it in bed, we confiscated the innocent cobbler. We hit up A51 for another great night of 80's dancing. This time we did not stay for as long, only a couple of hours, but it was still so much fun! check out my cute friends! Me, Diana, Tara, Syd, Jess and Whit Whit and I drivin to good ol' slc! Wild Thing Did I tell you we model in our spare time? Roomates! (w/ the exception of Carla) Jess, me, Whit, Tara and Syd! Again, you can't leave a photoshoot w/o a jumping shot! Us throwing the Carla up! It's been a great week, and Keith and Keri are totally getting married a week from Saturday....weird, wild stuff right there! I'm so excited for them! I haven't decided if I'm going down for the reception yet...we'll see! Oh and the cougars totally embarrassed themselves with that lovely game tonight vs. tcu...we got demolished by #24 in the u.s. ... and we're totally #8....we just fell in the rankings more than ever....We played very poorly, and their entire team is made up of a bunch of black speed-machines, no joke....Incredible speed on both offense and defense. Welp who knows....our undefeated season has been stomped on... Argh, most frustrating game of my LIFE, k, Love you all! xoxo

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  1. love lyller comments.
    love area 51 pictures.
    hate that byu lost.
    hate. hate.


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