Here's some pichas from mah phone. 
I cannot take credit for all of these photos.
I will take credit for the awesome captions.
I have been a wedding feign lately.
Took Melissa's bridals on Sunday.
Edited, edited, edited.
Ready to go.
I'll post the real pictures post wedding. I didn't want to give away her dress.
 The drop ceiling Wes did. This is it's beginning stages.
 This is after 1 side is drywalled & then the other side got it & it's all filled, sanded & painted w/ trim & can lights. It looks phenomoenal. 
 Getting my hair didddd.
 The million dollar jacket we had to buy Wes for this fire season w/ Alta.
To match his million dollar shirts, beanie, & hat.
Workin hard or hardly working?
btw. We bought a canoe. It is awesome.
He got birfday money from Momma & Pops & his Mom & dad, & we forked out the last $50. It's amazing.  Oh & we bought the AMAZING transport system here. Worth every penny.
Lisa & Lincoln at Jenna's graduation lunch. I love that baby!
I'm still so completely obsessed with my ring. Plus, we hang our piano from the ceiling.
Making fun of Deej.
I heart food. & Payson Walmart.
 Anatomy has met it's monster match.
 Cute little Sav. I love that strawberry blonde.

 Bella's gross.
Turban never looked so good.
 Brent has a death wish. 
 Miss Jenna Ju is a Grad-juate
 My mom's a real estate agent. Of castles.
 Celestialand? Count me in!
We like to take cheesy pictures of ourselves in our friend's aviators.
This is why our family does not own a pair of sun glasses.
However, we are champs of self portrait photos.

1 comment:

  1. hehe, youre funny!

    Thanks for your sweet note, I know God has perfect timing for your life.....

    BUT DON'T DO IT! WAIT! Just wait! you guys are fun, and young and have so many fun things to do before you have a baby. Our baby changed EVERYTHING! WE love him, but here I am at home, at 8pm, and can't go out, even for ice cream...

    Go travel... get on a motorcycle with your hubby and tour across Spain. Add many more memories to your collection. As many as possible, I cherish those first 5 years of marriage with just my hubby and I.

    But, like I said, God has perfect timing...now go check out some airline tickets, cause we sure can't!



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