Loco week!


Belated. but who doesn't love leftover holiday fun?

I hope everyone was able to have some self reflection this weekend! I did! I thought about myself & how I am trying to be like Christ & how I will start being better to be more like Christ.  I am so grateful for Him atoning for our sins & making it possible for us to live with Them again.  I love my Savior!

Also, happy finals week to all you studientos!  Sometimes I miss my school days. Then exam time comes & I don't.

This past week:

I had a surgery. Don't ask, I promise you don't want to know.
Weston's mom stayed with me. The recovery was great & I was going to go back to work on Thursday.
But Wednesday a little thing called the sun was out & I had to read my book outside, not realizing that the medication in my IV from the day before was going to make my skin SCALD in mild sun. So Thursday I stayed home from work because of a sunburn. Are you proud, Momma?

Easter was supposed to be spent in Wayne County, but instead we spent @ Huntsmans Cancer Institute w/ this poo poo head.

& then after we went to Dani's for a delishess delicious Easter meal with my family, aka seester & brudder.

It was a family & fun filled weekend!

The sun has been coming out & life just seems even grander!  & food tastes even better! & the sky is EVEN bluer! Ah I love Summer time. I think I am a flower.
I DIE in the winter.
Seriously, I do not come out of the house.
& then Spring brings happiness.
Summer brings even more happiness
Fall a sense of relief from the heat slash I love wearing sweaters
& then the dreaded winter again.

I'm pretty sure everyone in the world loves summer.
Even Weston. Him & I for different reasons.

He imagines the mountains on fire & I imagine myself on the lake.
Hey, it's all good though.

Life is good & a little crazy, as always but we are doing well.

Can I brag on Weston right now?

He seriously just makes me so proud.
He is such a hard worker & that showed in his INCREDIBLE letters of recommendation he received for his Paramedic application.
It's the kind words of the man that he is remodeling a house with who wishes Weston was his son.
& it is the captain of the fire house Weston did ride-alongs with says that Weston was the best EMT student they have had come & do ride-alongs with and that he was going to put in a good word for Wes w/ the Paramedic head guy with UFRA. Incredible.

Yes, Weston is working with very kind people who are sweet enough to give such kind words. Yet, he deserves them all. He is a hard worker, the kindest man you'll meet & you better believe I can't wait to see his gentle self with our baby on his knee. That will be a tender day.

Anyways, I'm just really proud of Weston & the hard work and dedication he shows even for the simplest & smallest jobs/tasks. Sometimes I want to rush him along bc he is really careful to be sure to do every single necessary thing, but it's what makes him so awesome & everything else. He is great. He does not cut corners. He goes above & beyond.

Also, have I told you?

We're the Cub Scout leaders!

hahah oh my gosh! I'm so excited! Weston's so pumped about it (& he's hoping he can take the 8 yr olds to camp in the desert for a week & for 50 mile hikes, but let's be honest, I'm there for, so the little guys have time to play with glitter, too!)

& we LOVE Salem.
We LOVE our ward.
We LOVE our neighbors.

These are the first people I've met in Utah that meet my TN hospitality standards. They're amazing.

LOVE it!

Sorry so many words & no pictures. That's a new woe to not having the internet at home. A pictureless blog. 
I'm working on finding a cure for that! 



  1. Seriously, Rachel, that was one of the best blog entries! It was just so very interesting, all that is going on, all the love you are spreading around, and just so positive all the way around! Thanks for bringing this ole Grandma up to speed! Sure appreciate you and love you dearly! Glad you are doing better. I kept thinking I could call you but never seemed to be a good time for you or me. We will connect though at some future time and place! LOL It is so late and I need to get sleeeeppp. Love you much!

  2. Your posts seriously make me smile! I love reading them! :)

  3. Hooray for Cub Scouts! I've been in for five years...and counting...

    ...and hooray for poop!


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