Fall has been SO fun so far!  I have to say proudly that we have taken full advantage of the season thus far! 
We went to a haunted forest with Mike & Bonnie. We have had lots of soups for dinner.  We have been brought delicious ginger snaps by Dani (see below. & don't forget to stop by her blog to check out her giveaway!).  We stayed up till Midnight (when did we get so old that midnight was a ridiculously late time?) working on our Halloween costumes. We got mine finished. It is a surprise. But just know that my fingers are destroyed with glue right now.  We will be carving a pumpkin tonight. Or else saving it for dinner in a pumpkin, not sure which, yet. We have watched 1 scary movie. Hocus Pocus.  It has been really fun with lots of mini dates along the way! We also celebrated Melissa's birthday this week. Surprise party. Pictures to come on that, later!
 Also, remember that INCREDIBLE shrimp, walnut, parmesian, garlic, basil, olive oil, green bean dinner I was telling you Wes was going to make? Well he made it that night & it was the best meal I have ever eaten. & I can almost say that truthfully. It was so delcious. & it was sooo good the next day as leftovers, too!
When I went to take the picture he wanted to look extra home-makery so he ran to the closet and grabbed an apron. It happened to be the only skirt apron (thanks Sister Grayson!) we have. He was too lazy to actually tie it on so he just threw it around his neck.

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  1. At first I thought that the apron was part of his shirt, and I was a little impressed and simultaneously repulsed by Wes's choice of clothing haha! Way to wear that apron! And I'm so glad dinner was delicious :)) LOVING your blog!


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