Well, this morning was a good one! We woke up with enough time to have a relaxed morning. Then Wes got ready & went into the kitchen for some cereal to find our ceiling looked like an enormous pimple upside down. Dripping water into our kitchen. The ceiling was about to fall through. woops! So I called the emergency maintenance & they came & wet/dry vacced our floor & I'm pretty sure they're currently cutting out our ceiling.  The floor above us's water heater had leaked.  The same thing happened this summer, too! but that was the 3rd floor's water heater... well atleast the 2 water heaters are now fixed & it shouldn't happen a 3rd time.... bahah but it was a great morning! & with that last minute wrench in the works I still made it to work on time!  Pretty successful if you ask me!
Tonight is when we're going to make our chili for the ward kickoff! Thank you everyone for the oh so yummy recipes!

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  1. oh man! what a busy morning you guys had.I'm looking forward to eating your chili on Saturday night. I bet it's going to be yummy!


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