Wayne County

 This weekend we went to Wayne County to visit again.  We've seen Weston's family a lot, but have not had a chance to get down for a weekend to his parent's house in Bicknell.  We were able to spend this weekend with them & had such a blast!  Saturday Wes, me, Tash, Rhett, Lyss, & Kaleb went for a wheeler ride down to the Velvets. A part of me wished to have my fancy camera on hand because the colors there were incredible! Red sand & at one point the dunes were covered in red sand that then turned baby blue & then faded to purple. It was incredible! They made fun of me being from Tennessee & taking pictures of it all with my phone.  But the pictures don't do it justice, so I just can't put those up till I get better pictures!
 It was really cold, so I bundled up in my snow-coat & one of Dave's winter coats, too!

I don't know if you can tell in this picture below, but it was so freezing our smiles look kind of "numb." hahah I kept tryin to talk to Wes, but my big lip was gettin in the way! It was so cold!
 We were sore from the fourwheeler ride, Wes because he had to save us when I almost drove us into a ditch. & me for clinging on for dear life on the wheeler ride....we went on some seriously steep hills. I couldn't even breathe. & if there were food in my stomach I would have definitely tossed my cookies all over the dunes! However, we survived. & of course we had too much fun & stayed up way too late to be healthy, so we were wiped on our drive home. I slept for about 5 minutes & was good. As usual. & then took over so that Wes could catch some shut-eye.  I started driving & singing some good ol Thompson Square. Check to see if Wes is passed out yet & his mouth is still shut, which means he's not asleep.  Then about 10 minutes later I look over to see this. hahahah I started laughing SO hard.
 His neck was literally in a 90. oh my gosh. I died laughing.  So I had to snap about 1000 pictures over my shoulder till I was able to get one that was on target, because I was watching the road but taking the picture over my shoulder.
Then last night we all went to Syd & Mitch's to celebrate Mitch's big 2-3 & it was a great party & I got to love on Siena which always makes for a happy me!
I was just bouncing her up & down in her favorite position, because her feet brace makes it hard to hold her comfortably for her. Then she passed out. My favorite part of this picture, her belly.  It is way too cute!

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  1. I don't know how I missed this one but I did. I enjoyed your story and think you are something else, Rachel. I could never do what you did, even when I was young. I am way to chicken for such things! Fun photos and love your Weston! He is a good sport in so many ways!


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