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Is anyone following this Occupy Wallstreet junk?  I'm not. It makes me mad to listen to ignorant & 'entitled' people.  
 & the fact that Martin Luther King's family is in with economic "equality."  Equality means treating people equally. In my opinion, that means EQUAL tax percentages. Things like that.
Wes & I are working hard to make it through school with no debt (thanks to my mom & dad for helping with tuition during my single years in college!) & hard work has gotten us there, so far!  I do not see how taking money from one person & giving it to another is going to do any good with improving their economic status. It's like doing a gastric bipass on someone who has not changed their habits. They will go back to the same initial state.  Unless they change their ways. With hard work, drive, sacrifice. That's what this generation of America's citizens need to understand.  Good things don't come easy.  I know that from watching my parents. Who couldn't even afford a bag of Oreos when they were married. Who's car floorboard was plywood. My dad who worked 3 jobs & attended school full time. My mom who raised 2 little girls & babysat nieces and nephews during the day. & made wedding dresses at night to pay the bills.  I saw their sacrifice when they were paying their debts.  I remember when they finally finished paying off my dad's college loans when I was in high school.  I remember when they bought the property to build their new & retirement home. I remember being out there on the property & cutting down trees & spending saturdays out there. I remember how much fun we had building the house. Slash watching my mom & dad build the house. I remmeber how my dad would travel every week & get home on Thursday & then go out to the house & work on it until he left again to where he commutes to the next week. I remember my mom, feeling stressed out. & living with my Grandmother so we could all move in together to this luxurious house that my parents had worked for. & worked to build. That they had earned.  & I saw their silent acts of service to others & their generosity to others. They shared what they earned because they wanted to.  I know that I don't deserve what they have right now. I know that I will have to keep working to earn what I earn.   I will feel accomplished the day Weston & I move into a house, knowing that we worked hard to get there.  I appreciate what I have.  I try my best not to take it for granted.  I am the 99% of Americans.

So, Wes showed me this last night & made me laugh laugh laugh!
It is from our BYU campus newspaper
(Harold B. Lee Library)

Letter: Occupy HBLL

Oct 18, 2011 by
Things need to change.
As a BYU student who has parents who pay for my tuition, I am frustrated with hard working and studious students receiving higher grades than me.
Why does the 1 percent deserve all of the As?
It simply is not fair to all of us “average Joe” students who spend our time fraternizing with the opposite sex, playing video games and following Jimmer on Twitter.
We cannot let the 1 percent control our futures any longer.
We, the 99, will rebel against these unfair practices by going to the HBLL and not leaving until we get what we want.
Our plan is simple:  students will continue studying, working and socializing as they heretofore have but the top 1 percent of students in every class will have their points redistributed amongst their classmates to produce a parity.
We will stay in the HBLL until these demands are met.
To prove our commitment we will not study or do homework while occupying the HBLL.
We do not ask for much, simply fairness. We want what they have.
By doing this BYU and its students will achieve a level of mediocrity and fairness never before imagined.
This will equalize the 1 percent’s opportunity to work, study, do homework and run all of our service clubs while the rest of us don’t even have that opportunity because we were forced to stay up until 2 a.m. watching Divine Comedy skits on YouTube.
The 99 shall triumph with Occupy HBLL.
Cameron  Clarke and Daniel Stakland

Santa Clara

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  1. This was a very powerful posting! Not every post needs to just be entertaining. This really says some important things and I am totally impressed! You have completely captured why Greece is in so much trouble today. The Euro is about to go down the tubes because countries like Greece want what they want and without working for it. They refuse to adopt austerity measures so that their country and the others in the European Union can survive. United they will stand but divided they will most definately fall! I hope our own country can see once more the things you value and espouse, Rachel and Weston! So proud of both of you!


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