I woke up 10 minutes before I had to be at work. No big deal. I just redid my makeup, but didn't wash off my mascara & just threw on another layer, you know for the great "spider-legs" look!  I knew this was my week in the phone room at work, so I'd be hidden from public eye. I wasn't concerned. 

Then I get to work to find out a lady working the front desk isn't here, so I'm covering for her...oh no. & the best part I didn't tell you. Apparently sleeping on your face gives you bedhead eyelashes....my right eyelashes are doing the splits. Yes. Like a type of "we-come-in-peace" StarTrek splits.  It's pretty sweet. & I'm not self conscious at all.  That's obviously why I'm blogging about it...errrr...


1 comment:

  1. do this all the time!!! hahhaha. I just like my sleep too much.
    Good news- I think the thick bedhead lashes are in right now? ;)
    oh and- I'll start makin' pretty babies when you do!!!! :) heh.


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