Wes & I are trying to figure out how temperatures work. Not outside, but the body kind!
Wes is hot all the time, does not ever get cold & LOVES the cold.
I get cold really easily & do not love being cold.
We realized the other day, maybe it is our preference of how we feel...
maybe we both feel the same amount of coldness & are the same amount of cold, but maybe he just prefers feeling that & it makes me uncomfortable! Or is it just that I actually am colder than him. He said my blood temperature is probably so low. I went to the doctor this summer & my temperature was a degree low hahah now just to see Wes' temperature! His homeostasis is probably 99 degrees...
He folds the comforter off him so I get double layers & he gets the sheet!


  1. Jimmy and I are the same way! My usual temperature is around 97.7 and his is around 99.1. It's ridiculous. (Also, he still hogs the covers!)

  2. haha you sound like doug and I. our apartment is always FREEZING because doug likes to be cold and I'm always in a sweatshirt haha


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