Crazy Dayz...

Knockin out another midterm today & then visiting a friend, doin some errands, turning in my voter's registration, cleanin up the living space, nap(my favorite part) & then when Wes gets off at 11 tonight, we're off to the Henry Mountains to Wes' family cabin!
A sweet weekend get-away!
The fam is already up there, but we'll head down after Wes is at work & stay in Loa, then make the rest of the trip in the a.m.
I am very, very excited.
& even more excited to get to use my new Walmart hiking boots again hahah
Don't worry, they're just as sexy as they sound!
Last saturday morning I was walkin around in my jammies with my boots. Wes was pretty impressed with my style. I've gotta say, I impress myself, too.
btw... thank you everyone for the font help!
also exciting news, I was just notified that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I don't have to work! School is cancelled, but of course, the HC is still open, but I don't have to work! Let the festivities begin!

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  1. Rachel, you sound so happy! Glad you get to spend time with those lovely people, the Brinkerhoffs! It is so great, too, that you get a little time off for the Thanksgiving holidays. I'm getting excited about those holidays, too, since I am now dieting with your Mom and Aunt Julie. Maybe we will break for the TURKEY!


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