Mt. Timp

Wes had work off on Saturday. He was offered a double...even though we could use the money, we thought that time together is WAY better! We decided to hike Mount Timpanogas! I had no idea what I was in for...hahah We had a lot of fun though! Except for the hour portion where I whined about my legs killing me... At the trailhead! Timp Falls Fillin up the water bottles at the falls!Glacier water, YUM!On our way up!The cute husband building a fire in the little shack by the lake
Chopping wood with his new hatchet!That land out there is Heber! (an hour away)
After our 8.5 mile hike up the mountain side!
It doesn't look that cold, but it was in the 30s. That's why I'm wearing Wes' snow gloves.
We were so happy to make it up!
On our way back down the mountain!
So, this goat, it walked along the trail FOREVER with us.
I died laughing. On the way up Mt. Timp I had been laughing bc Wes would trip every now and then. I finally decided to watch him hike & realized he was looking up and around the entire scenery & the trail was SO rocky with tree stumps & boulders all over the place! When I hike I watch my feet the entire time. I thought this observation was hilarious & told Wes & started to analyze our personalities accordingly. On our hike back, we were coming over the saddle that goes back onto the face of the mountain. Iwas just jibber-jabbering away talkin with Wes about whatever. I was super chatty & was on a long talking stretch. In the middle of me talking, he says "Rach, there's a mountain goat in front of you." I looked up & screamed bloody murder, this enormous mountain goat was RIGHT in front of me. When I screamed it jumped and walked back to where he's standing in this picture. Wes DIED laughing. He said, "You do watch your feet when you walk!" He was wondering if I was going to acknowledge the enormous goat!
Wes makes breakfast every Sunday... it's amazing!! Not to mention our waffle maker is the BEST ever!


  1. its funny you say you scrame bloody murder, because as i was druving yesterday, i nearly hat a deer on the side of the road, and i thunk 'darn, i almost hitted that deer... i canned have dieded.' but luckily, i survivunk, and i sit here today as a proud member of IDADIAH-- I Dodgen A Deer I Almost Hitted-- its a support group for people who almost hat a deer.

  2. hahahahahahahahaha spencer, you're killing me. I was wondering about the scrame too.

    ps. Nice green hoody. wonder where that came from
    pss. pretty pictures of timp. hardcore

  3. hhaha niiiice Spence, thanks for that.
    Yeah, it's a pretty sweet sweater, huh syd? :) Thaaaaaanks! Handmedowns=my fave

  4. I was laughing about your "scrame" and told Spencer about it...I DIED over his hilarious comment! Funniest thing I've seen in a while! WE LOVEDED YOU Rachel! ;)

  5. Oh, and ALSO...I loved the pictures and the story! Your blog stories are just as cute as your pictures! Thanks for the fun!

  6. Okay, now I'm going to fix this scrame deal, because apparently its the only thing anyone is seeing! gay


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