The Henry's

K, these are all out of order, but I'll explain each picture! It was raining off & on throughout the 3 hr ride down the mountain!
Cute Wes! Wheeler model Grandpa & Grandma Stevens They're totally amazing! The old married fogies :) Like my new boots? Wes cleanin up his muddy tracks! Packin up the generator!
Poor Kia, she has a rough life! Jammy time! Natural looooove Wes & Momma Joan Me & Apple-eating Tash Camo is kewl Yeah, I'm a herc-woman.
hahahh Looking for Denver Snow It was such an amazing trip! I love being married to him so much. Little sister Tash Grandpa Stevens & Mama Joan! Me & the husband! On our way to the Henry's! In front of the Capitol Reef sign! Drivin in the Ram Ignore my burning-red eyes.

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  1. You look like you all are having such a great time and in those beautiful surroundings, too. I remember how pretty it is at Capitol Reef. Loved seeing these photos, Rachel. Also, I have an aunt(deceased) whose last name is Henry. She has a surviving daughter, wonder if their ancestors named those mountains or maybe just good ole Henry thought it was a good name!


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