(Okay, I really want one of these.)
BYU Honorcode regarding facial hair: "Men are expected to be clean-shaven; beards are not acceptable."
k, so that given, we at the BYU Student Health Center, are where those bearded boys come for 'beard waiver cards.' Yes, they really exist.
Anyway, they call in & I have to read them this enormous procedures paper explaining the process of the beard waiver card appointment process. Essentially they have to shave for 3 days before the appointment and have some serious disease goin on on their face that the doctor can SEE. K?
SO, basically, this morning, I think I got my favorite phone call ever.
"Hi, I'd like to ask about how to get a beard waiver card."
This doesn't sound like how they normally sound when they call in for one, so instead of reading that enormous 'formality' paper, I explained it to him to make sure he really qualified before actually having to read the whole boring thing to him.
Him: "So, what if our spouse prefers it? Are there any exceptions with spousal preferences?"
bahah. I tried my best not to laugh. I really did.


  1. I just saw some report that beards still harbor bad germs even after people have washed them. Ewweee...I vote for no beards!

  2. what the heck... where do i get that hat?


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