Hard work pays off!

I have been doing really well in school this semester! & yes, even dispite missing the first 2 weeks of school! It's incredible! I love my classes, which helps a ton, too, of course...
BUT. All Friday after work I studied my booty off for my stress management test. Nervous like crazy about it. Ruthie & I lived in the library.
All the studying worked! Don't judge my excitement for my score, I'm not the best at school, but I sure work hard! I got...drum roll please...
don't worry, after I got done with my exam at 8 I went to the laundromat & did our overflowing laundry & then went back up north to get Wes from work, aren't I such a good little wifey?


  1. That is great, Rachel! Looks like happiness enables success in all areas! Just stay happy and I hope success will follow you everywhere!

  2. Yay Rachel! There is something sweet about the simple things in life...even going to the laundromat! It kinda makes my heart happy hearing that...service and work and the simple joys of having an empty dirty-laundry basket! Yes, you are a good wifey!Congrats on the grade too!


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