Oh Happy Day!

A few days ago we noticed that one of the cross bars in our bed, kind of like the ones in the picture below (except ours don't have mid-bar support like this picture) had broken. What? When did this happen? middle of the night? The bed only has 3 of them & they're tiny little square bars of wood to support the bed.
Last night we got out of the temple at 10pm & headed down to The Home Depot on our way home to get some new support beams. We brought in the broken one which was about 5' wide. We got there & when we got out of the car a woman was walking out & the parking lot lights went dim...uhhh closed? Dang! So, Wes calls to her & asks if they're closed. She said, "Yeah, but then pulled out her phone made a phone call. She then said, go to such & such doors, so & so will meet you there & get you your wood. You won't be charged because they're closed." Wow, so nice! So, we go meet the nice woman & she brings us back to the wood, where we ran into this really nice man who asked what we needed, we explained the situation. He said, "Oh, well come over here & get these wider beams! They'll support the bed better!" So, he gave us three 1x6 boards! & they cut them...for free! It was so nice! I couldn't not give them a little shout out on the blog, because it was the kindest thing!
Yay for Home Depot!
Oh & if we had a doghouse, Wes would've been in it. We were walkin with them to find the boards & Wes said,"Yeah, I've had this bed for years, & now..." & he realized what he was about to say & stopped. I stopped walking & said "Really? Was that a fat joke?"
hahahhaahha I laughed forever! The Home Depot man said..."I'm not gettin in the middle of this one!" Wes was like, "No, that's not what I meant!.. yaaa-dee-yaa" Trying to make up for it..yaa dee yaaaa hahah it was prtty funny though.
It reminds me of the time I was trying to get the straightener he said,
"You don't need a straightener, I like your hair all frizzy!"
"Wow, that did not help your case,"
"Oh...not frizzy...uhh.. POOFY!"
"..uuhhh yeah...try new words, kinda like the ones in hair commercials, those are the compliment words!"
"They say frizzy in commercials!"
"Yeah, like 'Are you tired of your frizzy hair?'"
I still die over that one, he is so funny. And so good with words. There are a ton of other things like this that he says... they're all good words in his mind hahah He sometimes does this... a lot!
hahah but he's so darn cute & doesn't mean it meanly...so I don't get TOO offended :)



  1. yup thats my place of employment!

  2. hahahahaha ya i could add about 50 of those lines karl says. they just crack me up.

  3. bahaha my roomies were all laughing at this one


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