Miss Stolworthy

Dani & Spence in her classroom while the kiddies were at recess.
Then we went & watched Miss Stolworthy be the "star-student" of her own class.
We were her Show & Tell.
Spencer thought "Survivor Island" was hilarious & so very wrong.
Me & Spencie
Here's Wes & Spence at the car shop.
We had a pretty good time I felt like I was on drugs I was so happy. Actually, that came out wrong. Drugs don't make me happy. I just felt really light & all "Whoa!" inside! Just extremely excited that the Jeep was sold!
That night we went to a Halloween party at Syd & Mitch's & it was so fun!


  1. haha will you please email me those pics of king of the jungle day?
    p.s. there's nothing wrong with survivor island. it's perfectly fair. if you don't do you're homework, you're kicked off the island.

  2. It makes my heart sing to see how much you all love each other! If I am singing a chorus, your Mom is singing the whole song. There is no substitute for family love whether between husband and wife, or siblings or any family member, it is what makes the world a better place for sure! So happy that you all had these fun times together! I love you all!

  3. Yep, I'm def singing!!!

  4. survivor island is rude... but hysterical... miss stolworthy! can I play outside? No, you're in the water!

  5. I wish I read your blog more often! I enjoy the laugh! I think I'm going to start a survivor island at my house!!!


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