This one's for Skydney

Last night I was flippin through pictures on my computer & basically relived all our awesome years as roommates! Sydney has been a blessing to my life & a dear friend! This girl has got it goin on! Sydney is fun & hilarious. She was basically my source of entertainment because she did everything I dared her to. We stirred up a little trouble in Provo & had so much fun together! Here's some pictures throughout the years...they were good ones!
Holler, Spice!
Sophies. I'm glad we survived. "Sweet thing number 1 and sahweet thing number 2"
many o' firs.
hoodie sillouhettes are good ones.
Studying & scanning booties in the library.
I don't suggest the booty part...it could get your booty out of byu real quick!
freshman ward talent show.
Tennessee summer
it's been a fun run-around & even though we have new (& handsomer) roomates,
we'll be biff's!

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  1. hehehe yaaaaaaaay!!! we have so many great pictures!!!! i had to laugh at the handsomer roomates....you don't think i'm handsome!??! aww this makes me happy. love you too sugaaaaaaa


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