[I know this is delayed, but it doesn't make Chase any less awesome! we were gone this weekend]
Yeah, that's right, baby brother turned 14 on Saturday. Wait, what? Remember when I used to change his diapers, mom? yeah, that's right, Chase, I've got allll sorts of stories. But we won't mention the times like when Dani & I accidentily threw you against the wall when you were a baby...it was in a blanket & the corners accidentally slipped.... or the time you & I were hanging out when you were about 5 or 6 & I swung you around by your feet...that is until the automan got in the way... whoops. Or the time we were playing on you & spencie's bunk bed & you fell...that night you kept rubbing the sheets when you were in bed. Dani & I thought you had serious head issues. But mom said you'd always done that. Phew. But other than those injuries & all the other black eyes & busted lips you've had...you've turned out alright!
Chase is a fun-loving person! He laughs a lot & has grown out of his fake-crying stage, I'm pretty sure it's a symptom of being the youngest...not sure though. Mom always fell for it. Chase is hilarious and quick. He was always such a cute little kid but has turned into a great young man. He is a good kid & does what is right. He is a great example to me & is so service-oriented. He is so helpful & always wanting to lend a hand, even if not needed. He is happy & go-lucky. He is optomistic & smart. He does really well in school. He likes cars, music & his hair. He has really big feet. He's grown into a giant. & our family wouldn't be an inkling of anything the same without him! Chase is enthusiastic and didn't believe me when I called & told him I was getting married. We love Chase!
Chase, Wes & I in downtown Franklin

The fam @ Spencie's Eagle (kaw-kaw) Court of Honor

Okay, please look at the bottom picture. Chase thinks he's as light as a feather...he might've been shorter than Dani here, but he's now a good 4+ inches taller than me! He's about to jump into Dani's arms...bad idea. He still runs & jumps at me while screaming "CATCH ME!" Which is when I usually dive out of the way. Spence catches him & then drops him on purpose. Wes is the only one sweet enough to hold him. Speaking of, Wes & Chase get along like good pals. I love it. Chase looks up to Wes like crazy, so does Spence. & Wes has fun with his new little brother(s).
Chase is sweet, funny, witty, REALLY amazing at the piano. Yeah, I used to play, until his skills passed me when he was about 6...cool. He's really nice. He's always had a lot of (girl)friends. Little girls mom's have been lining their daughters up for years...yeah, he's that great. Replay is one of my 2 favorite little brothers!
Me & Chase last Christmas...I told you he's always known how to get the ladies!


  1. dang,

    i can't believe he's survived all those injuries.

  2. Haha...actually-not really funny at all! But cute write-up bout cute Chase! We do adore our youngest boy, don't we?

  3. Lol its amazing his brain still works at all let alone enough for him to be in the "smarty pants" class in algebra.


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