Life as of late!

On Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday I am on this campus for 12, 13 or 14 hours....believe it!
Wes is sweet enough to let me have the car after I finally get out of class work so I can escape & then go pick him up when he gets off of work at 10 or 11!
Life is so busy & so wonderful! I love being married & I love our old, little, no-storage apartment! It treats us so well! Even tho the heater only works in our room...so our room is swealtering & the front room freezes :) Our first apartment is a great one & we love our neighbors...well, the ones that don't smoke or scream at their children through the very thin walls...awkward...
We love it in Provo & being so close to Wes' family but we'll be making the giant lunge move to this campus
I am really really nervous for the cold....but I'm really excited....because I think we're going to get a PUPPY!!
I LOVE love love chocolate Labs... but do not like dogs that shed.
Wes does not like small dogs...
We're considering a Maltese-Poodle, which is what Bella is...this is what she looked like as a puppy too!
Of course the chocolate lab is begging to be cuddled with, too!
it almost makes the frozen tundra worth it!


  1. I hope you do it at a time when you have time for training. That is a big very time consuming project. I know, having done it twice with Georgia and with the last dog I had. Georgia, my malti-poo has been great and dependable, thank goodness!

  2. Yay! So exciting!! We are looking at puppies too! We're leaning towards labs because they're so kid friendly. You will have to post puppy pictures if you guys get one!

  3. Just remember...dogs don't replace kids! hahahah...nor do they replace grandkids! Pretty sure they're more work too!

  4. Rach, get a Labradoodle (lab and poodle mix, like Bella, but bigger)


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