Wildlife Update

I have become one with nature this summer.
I've had a couple interesting near-roadkill experiences with some fabulous creatures. Not just your average Possum, which, by the way, was almost sidewalk chalk last night, he narrowly survived due to my lightening quick reflexes. SO, first of all the other night after work I took princess Bella outside. She had to do her thing. I was standing on the patio waiting and all of a sudden every forest creature went silent. I'm not kidding yall, you have no idea how many frogs were singin to eachother 30 seconds before that. It was the average night orchastra goin on out there. So she's doin her thing and everything goes silent....I just about peed my pants bc that means there is a coyote or somethin, what else would shut up all the little creatures? SO I run towards the door calling Bella's name, thankfully her stubborness didn't hold us up or we would've been a midnight treat. It was freaky (family please say that in your head appropriately. David's a doll.) Well today on my way to work I just about hit a turkey that decided to stroll across the street, first of all I should have hit it because those things are so mean, but then I decided if it was a chicken, I would've really killed it, because I like chicken so much more. Captured that for everyone, because I had my camera with me; begging for something to blog about. I have a really pathetic turkey call. I wouldn't have had to use it if the turkey would have just turned around and cheesed it up for the camera. Then tonight I almost hit another deer. Nothing new, but this time it stopped on the side of the road and stared at me... my flash wasn't working too well..gay. This is the best I could do. It looks more like a UFO spotting. Then DRUMROLL PLEASE.... A little bit down the road about 100 yards from my house...I just about hit a baby cub. You want to know what kind of cub? Bobcat baby....yeah NOT okay. So forget the coyote, we could have had a momma bobcat on the hunt the other night. I just about died when I saw that, he was little and furry and the tip of his tail was black like fur was growin out and it was going to be all tan colored. The other night the garage door doorknob was jammed and so I had to walk around the outside to the front door....and I was so freaked out for a number of reasons. I was alone and no one was home, It's pitch black out here, as in no lights whatsoever. The darkness seemed to eat my cellphone lighting, and mostly I was so freaked out, because with this house it's not people predators I'm worried about, but the Discovery Channel kind. I really don't want to show up on a show entitled "Unlucky Encounters, Featuring Steve Irwin." xoxo


  1. ok i'm dying right now. you're the funniest girl & get spooked way too easily. I'm gonna sleep outside in our backyard one night & show you how it's done. P.S. Your blog info should be changed to this: "Hi, My name's Rachel & this is my blog about nature & animals because that's all i write about."

    :) It's ok, it's always entertaining no matter what you write about.

  2. hahahah okay, and in the morning, i'll come out with a trashbag and clean up your carcass

  3. ok wowww. How dramatic. and sensitive...

  4. Haha.
    Glad I don't live in Tennessee. There was a mouse in our room the other night and I thought I would die. That's nothing compared to snakes and bobcats...

  5. you forget to mention your partial liking to spiders...


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