Why I'm missing 'The Y' I'm lovin my time at home and I'm looking forward to this fall, PERFECT combination. I'm excited to be back where people my age live! Ahhh, the joys of a college town. Vandy, Belmont and Lipsomb don't count. xoxo


  1. 1. i'm a good photographer.
    2. 13 days baby
    3. provo is ok. you're not missing out on much, plus the boys kind of suck. (cough cough)

  2. i miss you.
    hi dani i miss you too.

  3. Cute photo, Rach! I don't blame you for missing your friends, since you have chosen to make such nice ones. You know the phrase show me your friends and I will show you your future! There is a lot of truth in that one! Your future looks bright to me! Hardwork and persistance will conquer all!


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