My sister is homeless.

Anyone want to throw a sale pitch right now for where is the best place to live in the Provo/Orem region?
My sister is homeless.
I have been scouring KSL for some great steals.
I have come across some serious winners.
& some serious losers.

Which one is this?
I'll let you decide
However apparently huge women are going for $245

Nice attention to detail, Provolonian.
You obviously really want to sell your contract.
You show that through your careful word selection in your ad.

Anyways, seriously though.
Anyone have a private bedroom open & looking for an awesome, hot, good-singing, fun-spirited, organization-freak, sister-of-mine to live with you?

Or boys, looking for a wife?
She cooks, she cleans, she teaches school.
She's the total package.

Oh, & selfishly I am looking for apts in the outlying areas of Provo, because Selfishly I'm sick of terrible parking near her apts.

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