A little trashy.


Remember that 6lb. burrito challenge Wes won?
Yeah, me too. So proud.

Anyways, this story is a great follow-up.

The other night Weston is just finished with the fire season.
We get home from a date he comes out of the room wearing this shirt

Me: Tacos for tatas??  Uhh.....where the heck did that shirt come from?
Him: From my burrito contest!
Me: Why the heck would they put 'tatas' on a burrito contest tee?
Him: Well, they ran out of the burrito challenge shirts & so they gave me this one! Why, what is that?
Me: BOOBS earmuffs

Ya dee yaaa...the story goes on, basically Weston had no idea. 

Oh good ol' Orangeville raising; I love my dear, sweet, innocent husband.

Do not worry. I made sure this shirt will never leave our house. Luckily this was the first time he wore it...

 I hate things like that or those awful breast cancer bracelets that are equally WT. Yuck.

Anyways, I was laughing all night over this.

but it gets better.

Later that night "How am I supposed to know the spanish word for boobs?"
Yes, even after my explanation he thought tatas equals spanish. Oh my goodness. I died a little more.

I apologize to anyone offended, but I seriously need this documented for all family history purposes.



  1. LOl oh weston...thank you so much for the good laugh out loud, I'm glad you didn't go out in public with that on, although I'd love to see peoples faces when they saw you with it on.


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