Yikes, wild week, but good. I started my field study this week. I went to Provo High School and volunteered in the Severe Disabilities class. I made a friend. She was growlin at me when I first got there. I was scared she just might bite, but I just kept smiling at her. Then she announced that she wanted to go play basketball and the teachers asked her who she wanted to go with and she pointed at me! :) I was nervous because she was bigger than me and I was just prayin I'd be able to handle it. We went outside and brought paper and crayons with us and she colored and we just sat and talked. Her name is Becca, she's black and she lives in provo. She was the bomb, seriously! I ended up doin her hair! It was really fun, but really cold. We sat out in the basketball court and lots of people walked by and even between classes we just walked people walk around us shuffling to their classes. It was so great. I got to hear all her comments and the conversation was good. We ended up going inside, because it started raining, but it was fun. Sunday night I was so nervous, to the point I couldn't sleep, to go to the class room Monday morning. I was going in at 8 until work at 11 and I was just stressed about school and getting everything done inlcluding h/w, work, class and fhe. Though I went to the room. There were two other girls there volunteering for their class and I could tell they were uncomfortable, one of them was talking to the kids with a baby voice... ugh, I told myself I was going to avoid doing that all costs. It wasn't bad or anything but it just stuck out to me and sort of rubbed me the wrong way so I told myself I wasn't going to do that. Well I left there and went to work running from phs to cscaa to campus and then back to my apartment that night, and it was seriously a blessing, I was able to do it all and stay relatively calm! Tuesdays, on the other hand, :) are a whole nother story, no work but on campus from 9-6 and then I have a flag football game right after class at 6 and a soccer game right after that. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed....and hungry...I only packed granola bars this morning. I was really tired and wasn't thinking...really smart, I know :) BUT all I have to do is survive Tuesdays, nothing more. Just stay afloat, the rest of the week is more low key. I do have 2 midterms this weekend though....sort of stressed about those! Welp, sorry all my posts are about school, it kind of controls my thoughts right now, but I promise when I get a chance soon I'll be posting one w/ pictures and stories from the social side :) some pretty fun ones! xoxo


  1. i loved reading about your field study... amazing. it made me laugh/tear up. you're great.

  2. i bet becca has told everyone she has seen about you! you do such a great job! and seriously, totally agree about the baby voice-i hate it! well i hope you have time to squeeze me into your busy schedule, haha


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