So it's football season again! It's definately the best part of the year :D. Saturday was our first game of the season! It was vs. Northern Iowa, we won 41-27. We dominated them first half and they started fightin back second half, but we still came away with a couple more touchdowns! The best part of the game on Saturday was that Kane started! We were so excited for him!! We cheered extra loud and we'd get everyone to cheer together, hoping he'd hear us! He did so well, he switched positions this summer from tight end to full back, and he did so well! It was his first college football game he played in and he started! So great!
That's Kane below, # 80, third from the left!
Jenna, Me, Naaki and Diana. This is Naaki's first time ever in the stands for a football game, it was a little weird for him, but he was a good sport!
I ran into Jake Mclaws, one of my friends from last year on my intramural soccer team!

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  1. great pics! i love the BYU ones. so loyal in the blue :)


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