Fall so Far

Last week we threw a surprise birthday party for whit, Diana and I went and knocked on every door in the apartment buildings around us in my complex, it was so great! So many people showed up! I'd definately say it was successful, we got to meet a lot of fun new people too! Me and Syd @ Whit's Party
I also got to see Jason Sandvik before he went into the MTC, it was really great to see him, because it's been a few months. Yet, it was sad sayin bye too, because that was he is one of my few guy friends left, the only ones left to go are Naaki and Kane! Jason and I awkardly posing w/o touching! hahah so unnatural!
So Naaki came in town this past weekend and it was SO great! I was so happy to see him, he goes into the MTC September 10th, goin to Vegas. I have some cousins there! I'm so excited for him! He went to the game with us on one of Kane's tickets. I felt bad for Naaki though because he was feelin kinda down because he has never been in the stands before, but he was fun and still cheered and was so excited to see Kane on the field! It was hard for him because he's not on the roster right now because of his mission, but in 2 years him and Jason will be back and playin, so I can't wait for that! After the game Jenna and I headed over to Wendy's then met up with Diana, Naaki and Kane and we headed over the park and hung out for a while, it was so great!! I loved seeing Naaki and Kane again! Especially with Kane bein so busy and Naaki back in Tx. We talked for hours and it was so great. We dropped jenna off and went to McDonald's so Kane could get some food, he got his standard 5 Cheeseburger, but his stomach's shrunk since last year :D hahahah he was full after 2....yet he kept goin, I'm just glad he didn't ralph on the way home!Then we had to take Naaki to the airport @ 3 to catch his 5am flight home! It was sad sayin bye, but I couldn't've asked for a better weekend!
Kane and I outside of Wendy's!
D takin a little nap on my lap @ the park! Naaki and Kane playin on the jungle gym!
Me and Jenners @ the park!
At church on Sunday it was kind of weird, because none of our guy friends were there. It was kind of depressing and I was thinkin, these guys are really great, but they're all older. Dating's fun, but they're kind of on a whole other level of dating, as in to get married... That's definately not what I'm goin for right now. I then decided yesterday that this semester, if not whole year is a work on myself year. I'll enjoy the social scene, but I really want to do well in school and every aspect of my social life. Carla and I came up w/ a mission statement, get smart, get fit, get spiritual :D I'm goin to work on myself and get myself to my best, then I can start thinkin about the whole marriage thing. Woah sorry to lay all that on, that's just what's been goin on w/ me! :D I was thinkin how great it would be to work my butt off in school and maybe get a scholarship....I can't even imagine that, it'd be so great! xoxo


  1. yeah! this year is going to be ammmazing!

  2. amen. i just want to copy and paste this entry and put it on my blog. well done. love ya!


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