I had my first day yesterday for the job. It was so great! I am excited, I got details on my job and I got more hours for the semester. The other secretaries are nice, I won't be working with them directly though, but in the spring for the convention we'll be going to Nashville together! The apartment is great, I've been havin some serious Diana withdrawals though! :D We went from seeing eachother and working together 24/7 to seeing eachother once a day, or less! Monday and Tuesday was definitely a struggle as well, I was alone in my apartment. It was so quiet, and my itunes was not working on my computer till Tuesday night, so my saving grace actually was kelsi and dayvisson's blog....hahah how lame, I kept reopening their blog because it plays music, because I was so scared alone in my basement apartment at the nights, but it worked out good. I broke the bank taking numerous grocery trips, but I got a pretty good workout too :D hikin back and forth to Smith's Grocery Store. I felt bad because I now had a job in the valley that I got on Monday and then I was thinkin...hmmm well I could totally be working @ AG right now, but I guess that bridge is burned, so there's no goin back. But to override the guilt I had to remember that if I wasn't in Provo at around 11 on Monday morning, I wouldn't've been able to go to talk with Coach Stiggins. Going to his office was my saving grace. It was so great. Tender mercies...seriously. So that was a blessing. Jake brought the rest of my stuff from his house today, it was so nice! Then we took stuff over to Erin at her dorm. Aunt Kay's now answering her phone, "Paulson storage" hahaha....eeeks :D So I'm excited for school this semester. First semester was so great, because I had the perfect balance of social life and school focus. Second semester didn't quite have the same story. Semester 3 is where I'm crackin down. I'm still....me :D so there's no way I can be all books, but I'm setting rules for myself, I scheduled no Friday classes, so I'll just have work on Friday's and be then be off for the weekend, so that's great. Carla's also been a great influence as well. She's a great girl and same with Whit and Tara as well, I wish D and syd were livin here w/ us though! It's alright, no use cryin over spilt milk. So we got all our new dishes through the dishwasher! First football game is tomorrow and I'm extatic! I love football season byu vs. northern iowa! I met keith's fiance today! I love her, her name's keri, she share's my momma's name :D what a lucky girl, and funny too bc my cousin chris(keith's brother) just had his 2nd baby and wanted to name him spencer dean stolworthy, but my little bro already has had that name for 16 years, and since Aunt Connie's so into geneology she thought they shouldn't give him the same name, so his name is spencer kent, still just as good of a man's name though :D So great, so I'm sorry if this blog is all over the place, it's late and i woke up this mornin, still a little sick :/ but I'm sure i'll be better soon :D xoxo

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