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Welp, last thursday I was feeling extremely stressed about the whole job sitch, so I went and talked to Scott(my direct manager at AG). I explained to him how I needed a job for fall and I've been searching while up at Aspen Grove, but it just wasn't cutting it. I was feeling bad because I don't have a car and I was having to bum rides all the time. No one wanted me because they want to train before school starts, Aspen Grove goes all the way up to the first football game, we don't get done till the afternoon of the 30th. So I explained it to him...he didn't seem too pleased(even though I knew I shouldn't be ditching my coworkers, I had an intense feeling that it was what i was supposed to be doing) It was my last resort, really. I wouldn't have done it unless I felt I had to. So he just tells me, "Well, tomorrow's the end of the pay period, so we'll just consider you terminated after tomorrow." Uh, it kinda hit me like a brick to the head, so I was like....errrr okay.... I'll start packing, because Friday's we get off at 1, so that means that I have to pack all my things find a place for them ( I couldn't move into my apartment until Monday) and so Diana said I could go home w/ her and Matt for the weekend to Idaho. So I just started packing, and then I went and applied to about 10 more jobs on byu's job website, the ones I could not apply online to, I called and left voicemails. (It was after office hours) So I get everything packed, Diana and I go down to the valley to play soccer, and Kelsi and Dayvisson say I can keep my stuff at their apartment so when we went down for soccer we brought some of my things and drop them off. The next day when we left for the weekend, we brought the rest of my things down and dropped them off as well! It was all falling into place, but believe me, it was a stressful feeling being homeless and finding a place to keep my things, and then how to get them to my apt monday mornin, because the office doesn't open till 10 and Diana had to be back up @ work @ 10. So the weekend was fantastic. Idaho is beautiful, well in comparison to Utah. It is definately different from TN, but I still loved the landscape, so beautiful and rural. So then Diana said she'd help me get my stuff to my apt and we can just leave it outside my apt door, and move her stuff into her apt that mornin too, turns out the riv office doesn't open till 10 either, so she had to go to work late, so we got all my stuff over then went and signed her in etc, and when we were done she dropped me back off at liberty. So I run to the office, pay my early fee, and then go and bring my things into my apartment, so I drag it all in, and my apt is more than I could imagine! I'm the first here, so I grabbed me and Carla the best room, but there's a close second and I snatched that for Whit and Tara. Our two randoms come this week too, so I'm anxious to meet them. Okay, so I start unpacking some things. I call my mom to tell her about it, and a Utah # calls in while I'm on the phone, so I call it back, it was Coach Stiggins, someone who I had called on Thursday. He asks where I'm from, I tell him Nashville, TN, he tells me to come to his office right then, so I get dressed and head over to his office across from 7eleven. He sits me down and talks FOREVER about how he loves Nashville...I was kind of like...where's this goin? He was a football conditioning coach. He coached w/ Lavelle Edwards for 25 years! He had his PhD in Physiology and so he went and taught some at BYU and then he is now the President of the CSCCa (Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association)! He already hired another girl as a receptionist, but he said he'd need me in January, so I told him I had enough savings till then, and that I could pick up temp jobs, and then he says they are in charge of the conditioning coaches convention, and that last year and this year its goin to be in Nashville! The secretaries go too, to help w/ the convention, so basically I get a free trip home for a week in Nashville, but I'll be super busy, but still, I'm so excited!! So then I leave and they call me saying they have hours for me to work in the fall that cooincide with my class schedule! It was seriously sent from heaven. Scott was inspired to let me go on friday, because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to snag that job in his office, bc being here was why I could walk right over to his office and that was my saving grace. I'm so excited for this job and to work with those people, and Coach Stiggins and his wife are the bomb, seriously, so cool! xoxo

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  1. I'm so glad that things worked out for you! See ya at the game on Saturday!


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