There's no place like HOME.

This is Downtown Franklin square, 5 minutes from my house, I love it here. Lots of fun memories walking to and around it with my friends, even when we were so young! So great! This is where the Mainstreet festival, veteran's day parade, Homecoming Day Parades, Christmas Parade, Dicken's Christmas Festival, the fair, and awesome 4th of July festivities, with bands, sparklers, games, little sidewalk stands, etc!
So a few reasons why Franklin's so great! The Historic side! This picture is the Carnton plantation. This was a confederate landowners mansion and he had a plantation all around, and the Union soldiers came in and made this house their hospital, there are bullet holes in almost every wall and there are blood stains still in the hardwood floors, pretty intense!
(The picture at the top of my blog, w/ me doin the cartwheel is from on top of the Natchez Valley Parkway Bridge)
The Natchez Bridge! So beautiful, right by our new house, so awesome. I remember one time in 5th grade or so watching a documentary on how the Natchez Trace Bridge was built (not knowing that my family would be living out by it in a few years). A lot of people died making it.
Some bomb awards Franklin's been given:
  • Money Magazine's Top 10 Places to Retire
  • Money Magazine's Top 100 Best Places to Live
  • Clean Cities Award (TN Department of Transportation)
  • Tree City USA
  • Great American Main Street Award
  • Preserve America Community
  • Number One Small Town in Tennessee
  • Reader's Choice Award for Natchez Trace Parkway/Scenic Drive
  • One of Five Best Places in America to Antique Shop
  • Five National Register Historic Districts


  1. Aha I am SO HAPPY that I found your blog! I had no idea all these people were such hardcore bloggers.. I love that you used the word "bomb" as an adjective for Tennessee's various achievements. I love reading this, cause it's like listening straight to you! Love you girl! Keep it updated :)

  2. STOP! this makes me miss it so much. now i'm gonna have to do a blog about it. shoot.


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