Long Summer?

Man, the days are going easier, as in we have the whole dining hall part down; what works best, how to best work with eachother, etc. Yet I am just getting burnt out. My optimism is starting to wear thin. The mountains are beautiful and I've loved being able to live up here in the mountains, it's been great, and they're beautiful! BUT first of all its hard being stuck up here w/ no car, I feel stuck, yet I also feel bad bumming rides off of everyone. Tough call, but I do get to go down to the valley, the love shack is great, and D and I are still havin a rockin time in there, but the small space is starting to make me claustrophobic. It may sound super spoiled to talk about a small space, but really I've seen walk in closets bigger than our shack. Its just really tight and hot w/ 2 people and our stuff. Yet it has been a great summer, I've made some awesome friends and also learned a lot about working with different types of people, which is good! It's also been fun doing nursery, I love getting to spend times with the kids! The Dining Hall is also a tricky place to work, we work when the other staff is off and eating their meals, and then we're off when they're working some, in the end we all work the same # of hours, except maintenence probably. Those guys work hard! We get a lot of flack from the other staff about 'not working', but frankly I feel like that's a selfish thing to say because they can't look past when they see us and they only see us when they're in there eating, but little do they know we come early have 2 shifts(not just part of one that they're at) and we stay about an hour or more after the meals...so that gets frustrating. But it seriously makes it all worth it when we get comments like this: today after a meal, a guy came up to me, maybe 21 or 22, he says "Rachel," (we have name tags) I was like, "Yes, sir?" (saying that w/o thinking because I said that before I looked at him) and he said, "My name is Will," we shook hands, he said," I have 2 things for you, first of all, you do an absolutely awesome job in there," gesturing towards the dining hall. It was so nice, he goes secondly,"I love your hair!" hahahah I thanked him and laughed so hard. Surprisingly a lot of guys comment on my hair. It doesn't even phase me, but I wear my hair up in a hgih side pony tail all the time, and I don't think twice about it, but I guess it's not very common. But seriously, it meant a lot when he said that. There's also a boy here maybe 14 or so and all week he has said things like, "thanks for the food" or "thanks for all your hard work!" I just seriously think that is the nicest thing, to feel appreciated like that! It's what's giving me the little gusto i have left here! There was also a very thoughtful little girl last week that came up and pulled on my shirt last week and was like, "excuse me, but when do you get to eat?" I told her that was a very thoughtful question, because a lot of people whine at the door if they have to wait for their shift, but half the dining hall gets to eat before the meal and the other half gets to eat after everyone leaves, and I can tell you its hard workin in there servin the food on an empty stomach, its okay though, I just thought it was seriously considerate of her to ask that!


  1. haha i love the side ponytail thing! You always do that! Keep working, you can do it!!!

  2. If anyone write scrap talk i am able to sue people

  3. Dead for real! I will make sure that you'll look dumb on your already usless reputation I will even sue the dickens outta you and crap you don't think I woul sue you for slander!?


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