Welp, I've been lookin for a job to keep during school, it kind of makes it difficult, It's hard finding a campus job, just because they want to train people about 2 weeks before school starts, but aspen grove goes to 2 days before school starts, so it's difficult. One job I didn't get, because of my obligation to Aspen Grove, but I applied to more jobs, praying that one of them will work out! We'll see! Aspen Grove is going well, work's getting better, everyone's kind of just happy because we're in the last home stretch. It's almost time to move into apartments, and i'm definitely getting really excited for it! Can't wait! Today church was so great! Kelsi and Davisson spoke, it was a really incredible sacrament meeting, they did an awesome job! Nursery went really well, we only had about 12 kids, as opposed to our usual 30(= DEATH). We did have a biting episode though, from one little boy, he bit this other kid, Jack, 's fingers, they were red and swollen from him trying to tear them out of the other kids mouth, and got some purple fingers and it broke the skin in one part. Jack was bawling, i went and washed his hand in cold water to make it feel better, and i realized when he was cryin he only had 1 front tooth...prayin he came in with only one...because he was about 2 yrs old...to young to lose teeth and too old to have them still growing in, but i cradled him till he calmed down and he ended up falling asleep on my shoulder. boy was he a drooler. he drooled this HUGE spot into my shoulder, maybe it was half tears, i don't know, but it drooled so much it started dripping down my arm from my sleeve! hahaha and then he repositioned himself and drooled all over another part of my shirt, but i didn't even care, it was so sweet to be able to comfort him and hold him so he wasn't sad anymore! I love that! Also, I haven't blogged about this, but I'm so excited because i redeclared my major and i'm now doing special education, i CANNOT wait! :D I apply to the program in january, I'm so excited! We'll see what happens there! Welp, I'm reading breaking dawn right now, so i think i'm goin to get back to that! xoxo

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