Good Weekend!

Well Momma came this weekend! It was SO great to see her! I missed her, and she even helped me job search! We went down and stayed at dani's house in Provo and Diana came too! It was such a great girls night! We went to outback and all got the chocolate dessert, it was definately so fun! We had some good 'girl' conversations, despite all the looks from the tables around us! :) Sunday I had to work breakfast so Dani and Mom came to Aspen Grove for church. After the first hour we drove up to SLC and hung out w/ Brian and Aunt Kathy up @ Kathy's! It was so great!! Monday morning Mom was so helpful and went around w/ me and helped me apply to different jobs! I feel like it went well! If all else fails I can fall back on Intramural refereeing! I got a good call back for a secretary position in the Rec Management Department! I'm really prayin I get that job! I registered for classes hoping to get an 8-12am shift so I have all afternoon classes, so I really hope it works out! I also recently redeclared my major as Special Education! I'm really excited! I feel like things are working out and falling into place! I'm really excited for this next semester at school too! I can't wait for my new apartment, even though I'll totally miss living w/ my shackmate, I'll see her all the time, I'm sure! I also can't wait for football season! and I can't wait for Christmas when my whole family will be back together again! It's weird to think that my family is getting so old as to have to say when the 'whole family is back together again' because I would always hear from my friends w/ older siblings about how it was goin to be a good holiday w/ everyone home, but everyone's always come home, but this past summer, i was only home for a month and dani was gone! Then she came home for a few weeks and I was back out in Utah, so that was really sad! But Christmas will be really great, and we'll hopefully be moved into our house that has taken 3+ years to build! Momma and Dad are doin practically the whole thing on their own! So it's taken a while, but things will be how they want it, and that's what they've worked hard for, so I'm so happy for them! I just feel so independent and at peace, it's a great feeling! I am hoping to work really hard during the week and do really well in school this semester! I am applying for the special education program in January! pretty wild! We'll see how it goes! Diana's cousin was in his 40's and recently passed away from a fall while hiking, please pray for his family, he left behind a wife and 6 kids, the oldest of which just left for his mission. I've been thinkin about this, and how sad it is for their family, it makes me want to cry for them. It makes me think back to May of last year and Carrie and David, how it was such a shock and totally blind-sided everyone. You always hear stories about things like that or watch the news and see stories, and think, oh how sad for that family, that couldn't ever happen to me. It's not what we say, but kind of just think. But finding out about Carrie and David was one of the most horrific things ever. It was sad to think that all that we had w/ her at 10 and him at 8 were all just memories now and no more will be forming, but still knowing that they're happier! Circle of life, right?


  1. that started off so happy and then got depressing. but i still loved it :)
    good points!

  2. thanks man, you're the best! xoxo


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