Oh totally forgot this minor detail that I got my hair done on Saturday at Paul Mitchell beauty school. Great place, I've been there once before, they give you a great deal, and promise to fix it for free if you're not satisfied. It's the only place i've gotten my hair done besides jaime back home. So, I decide to get hit highlighted, they guy doin my hair is totally awesome, and the only straight guy in the entire salon. We had great conversation, but the appointment that the receptionist said should be 3 hrs turns out to be 5...my hair is always thicker than expected....faaaaantastic, so i end up having to run out the door w/ just the length cut off, and not the actual hair cut, just because i was late for work, also making Diana and Matt late for work, bc they so kindly gave me a ride down to the valley. So i come back and look in the mirror to find my hair stark white...not kidding, soooo light in the front, but it looks bleached, its like playboy style....seriously...its so sick, I'm so embarrassed though, i'm setting an appointment and the same guy is going to cut my hair, and maybe he'll fix it or someone else will...but it definately needs to be tamed! that's for sure! hahaha k just thought i'd share that experience! :D xoxo


  1. hahah shut up! that's hillarious! please email me a picture!

  2. hahah kinda....but mostly not really :D i'm gettin it fixed on monday, pictures don't really show the whole affect or the white trashness of when i pull my hair back and there is a line between the bright top and dark bottom....mmmm grrrrreat


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