Fun In February!

My Aunt Kathy & Uncle Jim were in town for a few days at the beginning of February & so one morning before Weston headed into work we all went to The Loveless Cafe. It's on the outskirts of Nashville in one of my favorite places, Bellevue, TN.
If you ever go to Nashville, you have to stop in at The Loveless.
Anyway, it was there that we descovered our 14 month old was the master of face-in-hole signs!
We also learned she legit can spin a top.

A family trip to BBB to find a pillow for me that will help my very pregnant self sleep.
Turns out it was a fail. It is now proven that I just will have pregnancy insomnia the whole rest of this pregnancy.
I forgot how fun that is!
She is the sunshine of my world. Weston's too. We are majorly obsessed with her.
Nana got little V this glow-worm & she is so in love with her "wormy."
It's a good thing she's pint-sized, because she would be walking out to the mailbox by herself, digging into the closets by herself, escaping rooms I have her and I barricaded into by her self...
This child loves water & will drink any cup she comes across.
Family bike ride in February was a MAJOR success.
The weather was unbeatable and everyone was happy, until we had to pedal uphill to get back home and my pregnant body was crying for a long time after that!
We were waiting for Weston in a meeting that went for 2 hours... at the end of the two hours, I didn't even try to keep her from chewing on this cement/dirt clump.
Oh, just stay little forever, please.
My heart aches at the thought of her tiny self growing up!

We LOVE mornings with Daddy!

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