The Nashville Zoo

We bought season passes before ever having taken Ivy to the zoo.
Ivy loves animals, so I was sure that if she could grasp the zoo concept of seeing them from semi-far away, then she'd enjoy it.
Once again, she enjoyed something 1 million times past my expectations.
I love when that happens!
She was OBSESSED with the zoo!
This was the petting zoo portion.
Oh man, she LOVED the goats.
She would run right from them, but had a bad habit of getting behind them. Being the awesome mom that I am not wanting her head to get a goat hoof through it, I explained that she doesn't want to stand behind them. Which she totally didn't understand, but it made me feel better about my mom-abilities.
She LOVED the red pandas. Gigi got her a red panda stuffed animal at the end of the zoo day that she loves, too. The animals were all really lively! We got a good show!

Love at first goat-sighting.
We like to par-tay.

More goat love.
"Seriously, Dad, that animal needs to be petted!"
There's an awesome kangaroo path where you can pet the kangaroos if they approach you! They were standing right by us, but never came to us, but Ivy was seriously trying to run to them. We had to have our hands around her the whole time. They were really cute with their little baby roos in their pouches!
We basically hiked through china.
This is only half as weird as it looks.
It was a baby kangaroo nursing. The brown ones are the boy sand the girl ones are gray. & the adult boys are about 3x bigger than the adult lady kanga's. So the momma & baby were about the same size & it was just weird. But Ivy got an up close lesson on nature.

Those red pandas were amazing!

She enjoyed all the chain linked fences!
She wanted to do all of her own walking. All of a sudden she thought one part of the path looked like a good resting spot and plopped herself down.
She's a nut!

Walking to the tigers!
Apparently she was confused by the tiger.
More kangaroo action!
"Seriously, put me down, I have animals to pet!"
She was in heaven.
Checking out the ENORMOUS cougars.
One of which totally stalked Ivy.
Ha..it  was so crazy. She did not want to be held and was walking back and forth along the board walk & the cougar got down low crouching & did not take it's eyes off her. hahah Thank heavens we don't live near cougars. She looks like a very tasty lunch! 
We had so much fun! Ivy loved it when Pops was the stroller driver, he's really fun!

She was a champ the whole day. She was so good & didn't shed one tear.
I'm seriously spoiled by her!

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