January is kind!

This tot has been growing up so fast. She runs everywhere & says a ton of words & understands & responds to almost everything we say. It really is fun, but also makes me realize she's less of a baby than she used to be! Time is going too fast, then again, she's 14 months old & I feel like we've had her in our family so much longer than that. So, I guess, she's allowed to grow and learn... but it does make me a little sad! When I go looking for little boy clothes I just wish I was doing the Ivy shopping process all over again! It will be fun to know what it's like to love two of our babies & not just one! I'm sure we'll love our little boy as much as we do our little girl!
Seriously, she has no grumpy moments, simply variances of happy. We're so spoiled.
She patiently let's me do her hair. P.s. she's still half in her jammies in this pic, please don't judge!

Nana had a sick day, so we joined her by watching the Elmo movie...This child was in love. It's the first movie she's ever "watched." & the first movie she ever laughed at. When all the muppets were searching for Elmo's blanket and ran into each other and fell down she started laughing. It caught me off guard and I loved it. This child loves slapstick humor.
No words.
A daddy-daughter date to the Apple Store
A rare occasion.
She is a green smoothie monster. If you come near her with yours she'll drink her entire smoothie and yours. BEWARE.
She loves Dear Zoo.
She lives to play outside.. I'm freaking out on the inside that as the weather is getting nicer I'm getting more pregnant. HELP!
It would embarrass her if I told you how big of a fit she throws everytime we go back inside.
Again... outside playtime.
She has face planted into every type of earth. Mud, mulch, grass, pavement.. She doesn't even care. She is obsessed even if she isn't quite equipped for the off-roading she does.

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  1. Oh my goodness I love these pictures!!! She is so cute!!!!


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