Summery Weather!

I know I have been pretty absent from my blog.
Here are some pictures from March & earlier in the spring.
Ivy LOVES being outside. This child thrives on being outdoors.
Oh this little chubs is just the sweetest.

She loves being able to fit in her rain boots she got for Christmas!
She is full of sunshine!
Toast has never looked so cute on someone's face.

Sobbing because I made her come back inside.
We were being swarmed by wasps.
Those pigtails might be the death of me.
So cute.
She came out of the closet trying on my belt. It caught me off guard. I know I'm biased, but this child amazes me. I don't wear belts, but Weston does & she knew exactly how to put that belt on!
I was sewing and Ivy was digging in my closet. Later when I was cleaning up her organizational efforts I found my shoes under my sewing desk. Sweet baby girl loves making sure everyone has shoes to wear.
She LOVES helping Weston wash the car!
It's a family affair!

Bella is still her favorite.

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