Hoppy Easter!

Easter falls right around Weston's birthday.  He turned 28 this year & we had a really fun family celebration of his birthday! Well, just a few days later, this little bug caught a SERIOUS bug.
Ivy developed a REALLY high fever. Her fever never dropped below 102.7 and it stayed up right below 105 for quite a few days.
Even with Motrin & Tylenol every 4 hours through the day & night.
She was really sick.
No matter how many times Ivy has been sick (not that many), it never slows her down. She still buzzes around like normal. Easter day she woke up and barely moved at all.
She'd never been like that before and it broke my heart.
We took her to the doctor a few days later & they tested her for all sorts of things which she tested negative for. It was some virus or something.

We had to hand her the things from her Easter basket because she did not even have the energy to do it herself. It was sad and pathetic.

Of course the day we take her to the doctor she gets all sorts of energy. HA! Still fevery, though.
I love this baby.
We got lots of snuggles during her sick time!
I loved the snuggles, but was relieved when she got healthy again!

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