More pictures. Again.

Life has been good and crazy!
This little one keeps us on our toes pretty much all the time!
She is such a busy body & literally never sits still. If she is sleeping, she is moving...or eating.
She has had a few sicknesses the past month. It started with some sort of cold thing that was no fun & kept her up at night. Then Easter weekend and the week after had a horribly high fever that no medicine could bring down. She's had a rough time, but is such a trooper. The doctor poked her 400 times trying to test her for everything because he was concerned about why her fever was so high (Lingered around 104.7, eek) No sign of a bacterial infection. Poor baby.
I love my sweet happy baby. & she loves bath time!
These two love eachother. Well, Ivy loves the dog. The dog...loves the food V throws on the floor.
Because I am barely able to walk, we can't go outside, because this little one runs away from me... so we play inside all the time unless daddy is home. I honestly feel so horrible about it, I better stop writing about it or I'll cry.  Everyone is making sacrifices for baby brother to be brought into the world!
V is OBSESSED with glasses.
Anyone who will give them their reading glasses makes her the happiest girl in the world. She will wear them around for 20+ minutes straight.
One day probably a month ago, I was gutting V's closet for the 400th time (Weston can tell you all about my crazy nesting obsession from this pregnancy, combined with our quickly growing out of all of her clothes child.) and we had a couple different visitors stop in to read to our little girl! It was such a help, since she usually undoes any progress I am able to make!

Nobody makes this girl happy like her daddy!
I love the bond they share! I know our son will be just as adoring of his loving and kind daddy, also!
Just longing to be outside...

We were waking Weston up one morning (rarely happens, he usually gets up with her,  lucky me!) and she noticed there's a really fun gap between the bed & mattress & I couldn't stop laughing when she buried her face in the pillows to see down there!
I never want to forget these precious toddler legs. Mmm mmm.
My sweet angel babe.

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  1. Keep 'em comin'! Love every and all pics! Adorable and sweet little Ivy and your beautiful family is always a great subject!


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